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(Season Finale) ALERT Season 2 Episode 10: Wayne Goes Missing – Preview

The most tense episode of Alert: Missing Persons Unit‘s second season is Episode 10, “Federal Prisoner #07198F-068P.” The episode promises a thrilling plot full of tension and mystery, as the MPU faces its toughest case yet.

The episode is mostly about Nikki and Mike’s wedding day, which is thrown off when Wayne goes missing. The MPU, led by Jason (Scott Caan), moves quickly to find Wayne and find out how Inspector Braun is connected to the killings by car bomb. Now that the happy celebrations have been put on hold, the MPU is racing against time to find Wayne and finally catch Braun. The matter at hand is more important than ever as the MPU gets closer to finding Braun. Nikki and Mike’s wedding is in danger.

 ALERT Season 2 Finale Preview: Wayne Goes Missing

Jason worked with Wayne Pascal, a master hacker, while he was in Afghanistan. The preview starts with the shocking news that Wayne has gone missing. While the MPU is in a hurry to find Wayne, they face their toughest task yet: Inspector Hollis Braun, who is played by Gil Bellows.

The preview teases a high-stakes fight between Braun and the MPU. Braun seems to have the upper hand, which means the team is suspended and their future is unclear. Detective Kemi Adebayo thinks Braun isn’t working alone, which points to a bigger plot that could destroy everything the MPU stands for.

When the season ends, fans can expect intense action, shocking reveals, and a cliffhanger ending that will make them can’t wait for the next season.

Alert: MPU Season 2 Episode 10 Preview

Alert 2×10 Synopsis- When Wayne goes missing on the day of Nikki & Mike’s wedding, the joyous festivities are put on hold as Jason and the MPU race to locate her and finally bring down Inspector Braun and his connection to the car bombing murders.

Alert: MPU Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 10 will air on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, on FOX at 9pm ET/PT. The next day, you’ll be able to watch new episodes on Hulu. Fox may be accessed through live TV providers such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, Hulu Plus Live TV, Vudu and FuboTV if you have cut the cord. The show is also available on iTunes, Disney+, Prime Video,  and Apple TV.

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