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7 Steps to Follow While Selling Your RV


The process of selling your recreational vehicle can be very stressful, especially since it involves getting it ready and pricing it. Besides that, finding the right buyer can be a lengthy process. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to make it easier.

One way to make the selling easier is to go through the consign RV  process with a reputable company like Camping World. According to Camping World, RV consignment with them is great because you can “Add your RV to the largest RV marketplaces in the world, reaching millions of buyers monthly.”

Ways to Make Selling your RV Easier

  1. Start the Process a Month or More Before Summer

Most RV dealerships typically have their busiest season during the spring and summer. For individuals who are selling their vehicles, this period usually includes April and May.

According to a recent Camping World seller, she has been able to sell two pickup campers during this time due to the high demand. Even if the market is far away, you can still start the other steps below anytime.

  1. Deep Clean and Remove Personal Items

According to Brandi Green, an Atlanta-based travel blogger, it’s important to remove all personal belongings from your vehicle so that they can be sold properly. It is also recommended to give it a thorough cleaning once you’ve gotten rid of any minor issues.

Doing so can help ensure that the vehicle is in good condition and that it’s still attractive to potential buyers.

  1. Get Your RV Serviced

Before you put up your vehicle for sale, make sure that it has an engine that’s been regularly serviced. Even if it’s been six months since your last service, it’s still worth having it renewed. You can also let potential buyers know that it’s still under warranty.

  1. Have it Staged Like You Do When Selling a House

According to Green, the travel blogger, some campers are badly decorated when they were purchased from the dealer. To make them more inviting, she recommends investing in some new accessories such as a sleek rug or a shower curtain. You can also tell potential buyers that the pieces will come with the camper if they’re purchased.

  1. Make the RV Look Bigger Than It Is

Since recreational vehicles are usually tight spaces, Green advises avoiding dark colors. Instead, she suggests using light decorative touches to create an illusion of a larger space. If you’re planning on selling your vehicle to a family with kids, she says that you should avoid using an all-white color scheme.

  1. Price it Subjectively

Although it’s generally easier to just take the price that you paid for the vehicle and deduct the amount of wear and tear that it has, it’s also important to consider the condition of the vehicle.

According to Valerie Coleman, a sales expert at 5miles, you can also check out the NADAguides website or the Kelley Blue Book for used vehicles. These two websites allow users to look at different makes and models of recreational vehicles and compare pricing.

  1. Take Hi-Quality Photos

Since recreational vehicles are typically tight spaces, it’s important to consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos of the vehicle. According to camper and entrepreneur, Stacey Maxon, you can try taking photos in a campground. This step will allow you to create an authentic-looking camping experience for potential buyers.

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