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[2023] Accused Episode 14 Recap: “Jessie’s Story”


Accused Episode 14 Recap:  In the tangled tale of Jessie (Bebe Wood), a Brooklyn girl goes to extremes to learn the name of her mother’s (Betsy Brandt) unknown sperm donor. It’s fortunate that Will’s father (Josh Hamilton) is a lawyer because Jesse has managed to dupe him into helping her with her ruse. Jessie’s search for the truth has, as could be expected, deeply personal repercussions for her. (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of FOX‘s Accused Episode 14, in case you missed the episode.

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Accused Episode 14 Recap

A mom and her daughter look through the hallways of a courthouse for any sign of their attorney. Jessie sustains an injury while jogging, and when she goes to the hospital, the attending physician informs her that she has a hereditary disease that prevents her from pursuing her sports goals. Her mother responds to her questions about her father by revealing that he is the result of an anonymous donation of sperm. During their time waiting for the elevator, a family chats amongst themselves. When Jessie and her mother come across the family who is holding the door for them, they learn that Jessie and Will have been friends for some time.

Jessie is still looking for her father when she is interrupted by her mother while she is getting a DNA test. She discusses it with Will, and together they come to the conclusion that the exam should be discarded. The news that Jessie’s sperm donor has passed away is broken to her by her mother as they watch a documentary about him. Jessie is outraged. Kara feels uncomfortable with the idea of Jessie and Will getting acquainted together outside of the company of Will’s parents, so she expresses her worries to them. Jessie and Will pose as different people when they inquire about fertility services at a clinic over the phone. Will and she are going to keep digging. The discovery of Jessie and Will alone in a dimly lit room causes Jessie’s mother to lose her mind. Jessie and Will gain entry to the clinic without authorization and look through the patient files. They are unable to provide any results, which enrages Jessie. They set off an unheard alarm, and while Will gets away, Jessie is taken into custody.

The truth is revealed by Jessie’s mother regarding the file, and she admits that she lied. Jessie’s mother has a conversation with Will’s dad in which she discloses that she and Will’s dad had an affair in the past, which resulted in the birth of Jessie, but she hid the fact from Will’s dad. Will’s dad defends Jessie in court. Will admits to sending in Jessie’s DNA sample, which led to the discovery that the two of them are siblings. The children approach their parents individually and confront them about the falsehood. Will’s mother is leaving the house. They reveal the whole truth in court, and Jessie is only sentenced to community service as a result. Jessie and Will’s mother have a conversation in which they resolve their differences. The newly arrived family had fun together by playing a game and spending time together.

[2023] Accused Episode 15 Recap [Finale] “Billy’s Story”

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